2017 Research Grant

ANZHNCS Research Foundation - Call for Research Grant Applications for 2017!

The 2017 Grants Offer is now closed.  Thank you to our Australian members who have submitted their application for this research grant  funding.  

Set of Rules document which sets out the criteria (page 2) that the applicants need to follow to apply. If you have  any questions, please refer to ANZHNCS Secretariat on (02) 9431 8670  or  email info@anzhncs.org

Click to download Set of Rules

ANZHNCS Research Foundation Update

I am very pleased to advise that the ANZHNCS Research Foundation received nine applications for the 2016 Research Grants. 

The Research Advisory Committee under the leadership of Dr. Lyndell Kelly recommended the award  of three grants and the Australian Research Foundation Board accepted their advice.  Our thanks go out to the grant assessors who gave  freely of their time.

The successful applicants were:-

Dr Peter Graham, University of New South Wales
Understanding the effect of regional dosimetry and lymphoedema on swallow dysfunction

Dr Bruce Ashford, Chris O’Brien Lifehouse
Unravelling genetic markers of progression and metastases in Head and Neck Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Assoc Professor Jonathan Clark, C/ Sydney Head and Neck Cancer Institute
Analysis of RNA in metastatic cutaneous SCC with nanostring

David Wiesenfeld
Chairman ANZHNCS Research Foundation