The Australian Research Foundation of The ANZHNCS

About us

The Australian Research Foundation of the Australian and New Zealand Head & Neck Cancer Society (ANZHNCS) is an ACNC approved charitable organisation established to support research and improve the lives of people diagnosed with cancer in the head and neck.

Our Mission

To improve outcomes of patients affected by cancer in the head and neck by raising funds to support research facilities and researchers to better understand these cancers with the ultimate aim of preventing and curing these diseases.

Message from the Chair

Cancer in the head and neck is a sometimes life threatening illness. Both the disease and its treatment can lead to facial disfigurement and a reduction in quality of life

In my 30 years as a member of multi-disciplinary teams managing patients with head and neck cancer, we have seen significant improvements in care options and impact on quality of life forpatients. These improvements, some of which have been pioneered in Australia have arisen through the application of clinical, translational and laboratory research. Achievements of which we can all be proud.

Research into head and neck cancers requires significant funding to facilitate improvements in care. The "Cancer Research Dollar” has significant competing interests from other cancers, some of which have a higher incidence and attract more financial support. The ANZHNCS in its wisdom set up our Research Foundation to provide specific funding for head and neck cancer research, by making a donation you can make a difference. All donations in excess of $2 are tax deductible in Australia.

David Wiesenfeld
Chairman ANZHNCS Research Foundation Australia

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