Coman-Kennedy Laser Scholarship

Submitted by jerry on Wed, 12/12/2012 - 16:18

This Scholarship is awarded by the ANZHNCS on alternative years with ASOHNS to honour both Doctors Bill Coman and Jack Kennedy in the relevant society in which they were passionate members.

MD Solutions award $10,500 as a travel sponsorship to the recipient of this award. This amount aims to cover some or all of the costs of airfare/s, accomm and registration for a laser course in Europe or US.

The next ANZHNCS Coman-Kennedy Laser Scholarship will be awarded in 2016.

To apply please submit the following :

  • A letter outlining your personal achievements to date including both professional and research based/CV
  • Detail your contribution to Head & Neck Oncology
  • Provision of an abstract of your proposed presentation at our 2016 ASM
  • Show relevance to the ANZHNCS mission statement in attending this laser scholarship
  • Please give details on your proposed institution showing evidence that you have given full and careful consideration to the choice of institution and the reasons behind your choice. About the course ie. perceived strengths, weaknesses etc.
  • Please provide references from experts in the field of Head & Neck to strengthen your application.

To submit an application please email ANZHNCS Executive Officer, Jennifer Burgess at  fax 07 3856 4727, or post to ANZHNCS Executive Officer, PO Box 123, Red Hill Qld 4059

Please Note: It is a condition of this award that the winner organises to attend a laser course within the same year of being awarded this scholarship ie. by December 2016.